There’s no need to be afraid of making vegan recipes, even for a crowd. Using a panini maker you can make a great amount of fun and tasty dishes, and you can do it fast and easy. There are a lot of options available to you, the using the sandwich press you’ll add a fun new touch to your gathering.

Vegan food is everything that doesn’t have any animal products of any kind (including dairy, eggs, and honey) in it. If you’re new to cooking vegan, don’t worry! While you may not have put emphasis on cooking with vegetables before, and you may be completely new to ideas like tofu, it’s all very simple and not really that different from what you’ve done before, it’s just about evaluating your ingredients before you get started cooking.

When you’re making panini sandwiches for a crowd cut them up into fourths (I think diagonal looks prettier, but that’s personal preference) and always remember to brush some olive oil on the outsides of the bread before grilling them. When you press a sandwich you can also use butter instead of olive oil, but remember that vegans do NOT eat butter, so you’ll want to use olive oil or a butter substitute like Earth Balance instead.

A really fun and simple option that does require a specialty product is a grilled cheese. You’ll need to get a vegan cheese that melts, Daiya is a major brand that works really well for this. Adding things into your sandwich will give it an extra impressive touch without much effort. You can mix in some crumbled vegan bacon, or avocado slices to take this up a step.

You can also saute up some vegetables (or grill them on your press) for fillings in your sandwich. Great filling combinations are mushrooms and onions with tomato slices, or zucchini, roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, and mushrooms. For a spread you can use something like veganaise, or a vegan pesto. Most mustards are a safe condiment to use as well, and you can find many safe Italian dressings to use that really add a great touch.

You don’t just have to stick to sandwiches, either! You can use your press like it’s a grill and grill up some great vegetables! If you slice carrots flat they taste great grilled. This also works with asparagus, pineapple, zucchini slices, sliced red pepper, sliced eggplant, or tofu slices. Stick some toothpicks in bite size pieces of these vegetables and you’re ready to feed a crowd.

Using a panini maker to make vegan food for a crowd is an easy and fun way to add some life to your gathering. Keep it simple and fast to make it a stress free event.