Grilling is not just for the carnivores, you know. There are also some fantastic things you can make on the barbecue if you do not eat meat. Bear in mind when shopping for food to grill that not every vegetarian food is as suitable for grilling as meat is. Some pre-prepared foods like vegetarian burgers and sausages will melt, burn or disintegrate on the grill.

Mock meats do not act the same way as the real thing because they do not contain natural juices to keep them moist or stop them sticking. If you are going to grill such things, make sure your grill rack is very well greased else half your food will stay stuck to it! You can either use a non-stick cooking spray or rub the rack with a paper towel dipped in oil.

Most vegetarians do not appreciate their food coming into contact with meat so if you are cooking for veggies and carnivores, you should scrape and clean the grilling apparatus before adding the non-meat food or cook one kind of food on a separate part of the grill. If you have two grills, use one for the vegetarians and one for the carnivores.

You can soak asparagus for half an hour in water before grilling it, brush oil over portabella mushrooms and grill those or sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on pineapple rings and make these delicious on the barbecue. What about corn on the cob or sweet potatoes? Wrap sweet potatoes or yams in aluminum foil to cook them or slice them in half and part-bake them, before brushing maple syrup over them for an extra sweet flavor and finishing them on the barbecue.

Slice apples in half and sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon over them before cooking. Maple syrup drizzled over them adds a delicious taste. Marinated tofu is good too but only use well-pressed, extra firm tofu, else it will fall apart. You can thread it on to bamboo skewers along with mushrooms and Brussels sprouts for healthy kabobs. Turn them often so they cook evenly. These are all great examples of vegetarian-friendly grilled recipes.

Not all the food you cook has to be done on the barbecue. You could add grilled pineapple to a banana ice cream split or add grilled vegetables to a green salad. What about tossing some grilled vegetables with cooked pasta and sprinkling cheese on top?

This impressive Mexican inspired recipe is sure to thrill any vegetarians at your party. You can put the mushrooms on a bun and eat them like a hamburger or serve them alone or as a side dish.

Whisk half a cup of tequila with three tablespoons of olive oil, five minced cloves of garlic, quarter of a cup of softened butter and quarter of a cup of lime juice. Let this mixture sit for ten minutes, then baste four portabella mushrooms with it. Cut the stems off first.

Grill them for about four minutes, then flip them over and use more of the tequila mixture to baste them. You can serve them with the leftover tequila mixture as a dressing or sauce.