For some people grilling is a enjoyable affair, for others it is a excuse to share with family and friends and for others, grilling is a cooking experience. No matter where your grill activities fit, and it could be more than one of these, there are certain things you should take into account.

First of all your outdoor grill should be of a size that allows you to cook the amount you need. It is not the end of the world, but the cook can get stressed if working over a small grill and having to dish out loads of food for a large gathering. The solution is quite simple. Before buying an outdoor grill make a quick calculation based on the number of people who will enjoy a meal with you. And then buy a grill that is just a little larger.

Secondly remember that a grill is a very versatile item. You can, and probably will, cook much more than prime rib, or a barbecue. You can grill cheese and ham sandwiches, you can grill sausages, seafood (in skewers perhaps), shrimp, pork chops and a wide variety of vegetarian food. You can add flavor producing accessories. You can smoke fish and meat. By adding a griddle you can experiment with many other delicious and exciting food. You are only limited by your imagination and willingness to experiment.

A third tip that is simple but will make a difference, is to make sure the heat is on ten to fifteen minutes before you start cooking so it is hot. It does make a difference both in the quality of the cooked food and the waiting you and your guests will. A simple tip but very effective.

Fourth. A clean grill. There is nothing worse than having your food taste like last weeks cooking. One of the things you can do when grilling meat for example is to add a taste of oak or cedar wood – but that is a planned flavor. If it is just picked up from a not too clean grill…

The best way of keeping your grill set in order is to clean it just after you used it. It is easier to clean when it is still warm and then packing it away. There is nothing worse than unpacking your outdoor grill only to find bits and pieces of food sticking onto the grill.

Finally the time to cook has arrived. Your grill is the perfect size, it is clean and hot and it is ready for the meat. You have even put some cooking oil on it.

Your ingredients. Most of the food you will grill will need some type of preparation, whether it is marinating or just simply adding salt. Make sure you have everything ready and then start cooking.