There are already lots of easy to follow recipes you can gather from different sources. Whether you are a vegetarian, meat or seafood lover, there are lots of easy to do recipes that you can make for yourself and your family. These can be very healthier alternatives too. It depends on the recipe that you choose.

Grilled foods are very popular among the health conscious. It is any food cooked without oil. Instead, it is smoked to tenderize the meat. An example is a barbecue which is also the all-time favorite grilled dish. Meat is lined up in a stick and placed under fire or smoke. The heat slowly cooks the food.

Other kinds of grilled foods are steaks, kebabs, seafoods or vegetables. Here are some principles of grilling.

Remember that there is only one portion of a meat or fish good for grilling. But this rule has an exception when it comes to the chateaubriand. And choose meat of high quality. Use only the prime cuts as much as possible.

It is best served right after taking it out of the grill so as not to lose the juicy flavors. It is also recommended to first preheat the food before grilling. Check the charcoals to make sure it is emitting just the right amount of heat to avoid burning or overcooking. Natural juices are lost with overcooking. The meat then ends up dry.

Avoid sticking by putting a little oil in the grill. It may be possible that you pass the meat to be grilled in the clean cooking oil. When you start cooking, use steak tongs to turn the meat.

For fishes, it must be floured, oiled and seasoned. If you are grilling both meat and fish at the same time, separate a clean area for the fish so that the flavors will not get mixed. Clean the grill to avoid burnt residue. The usual grilled foods are seasoned after being sealed.

These are just the basics of grilling. You can also deviate a little depending on what you think will make your cooking more delicious. Vegetables and sea food are easy to grill and make healthy additions to your meat and fishes.

Vegetable recipes are also becoming prevalent now as many people are turning vegetarians. These are healthy alternatives usually grown naturally. These leafy greens may be used in salads, soups, or even as a main dish in itself. It requires little time to cook. Some people prefer veggies to be half-cooked only because most nutrients are lost in heat.

This kind of food option is very low in cholesterol. Vegetarians are not prone to any serious digestive problems or colon cancer. Their body is able to get all the vital nutrients even without meat.

There are four types of vegetarian people. These are the true vegetarian, lacto vegetarian, ovo vegetarian and the pesco vegetarian. The true vegetarian eats only vegetables. They eat no meat or fish, not even processed foods. The lacto vegetarian includes dairy product in their diets. The ovo vegetarian also eats eggs. The pesco vegetarian eats non red meat, fish, dairy products and eggs.

There are many easy to do recipes that fit these different diets. An egg for example has many different types of cooking. To make your dish healthier, do not use oil in cooking your egg. You could steam or cook it in a microwave.