Pressed and toasted sandwiches are timeless favorites. Paninis allow us to turn virtually any meal into a hearty, portable meal! Whether you prefer a hearty cheese and meat combination or a light and healthy veggie sandwich, paninis offer something for every taste.

Due to their popularity, you can find a panini maker on the shelves of nearly every store these days. Some are very inexpensive, and those low prices may sound like a great way to save money. Before you buy, however, be sure to research quality. Inexpensive machine manufacturers often cut corners when it comes to materials and features, in order to offer the cheapest product possible. With the Breville Panini Press, you’re not buying just another gadget. You’re purchasing a quality kitchen appliance.

The Breville Panini Press is one of a kind. From its stainless steel exterior to its cast-aluminum cooking plates, the Breville press has been created with a sharp eye for detail. Adjustable settings give you total culinary control, and adjustable plates let you go from grilling to toasting with ease! Instead of breaking down or becoming obsolete, as many inexpensive gadgets tend to do, the Breville press is sure to become a reliable and valuable part of your kitchen.

The Breville press is ideal for nearly every household. Busy families love the easy and versatility of creating hearty sandwiches that are satisfying meals in themselves. Hectic weeknights don’t have to mean unhealthy, pricey fast food anymore! Whipping up paninis is quick, simple and gives you complete control over what your family is eating. Cut the fat and calories without sacrificing taste, and save money at the same time!

Singles, couples and dorm-dwellers also love the Breville Panini Press. Since many recipes are sized and written with families in mind, many smaller households often struggle with leftovers. If they’re not eaten, leftovers mean wasted money. In addition, it’s boring to have to eat the same thing several days in a row. With the Breville press, you can adapt nearly any recipe into a sandwich, and grill up exactly the portions you need. No waste, no boredom, just delicious meals day after day!

If you’ve never owned a panini press before, you’ll be amazed at the variety of recipes available. There’s no need to limit yourself to traditional sandwiches! Search online for tons of breakfast options, scrumptious desserts vegetarian/vegan options.

One of the best features of the Breville Panini Press is its versatility. Not just a panini press, this double-duty appliance is also an ideal countertop grill. There’s no need to waste money on two appliance…this press does it all! With the specialized settings, you can put that perfect sear on steaks and chops. The adjustable cooking plates clean up easily and feature a non-stick coating, ensuring that even flaky fish won’t fall apart or cling. The top of the press can accommodate extra-thick cuts of meat with ease, and the tilt options allow you to drain off all the fat, or splurge and create delectably juicy meats with ease. You can even grill up veggies and fruits! If you can cook it on an outdoor grill, it can be easily adapted for the Breville Panini Press.