Baked potato is a classic. It is welcome in every dining table at almost any time of the day. Baked potatoes make for the perfect accompaniment for grilled meat dishes. How would you feel to know that you can cook your main dish (steak, pork chop, chicken thigh, etc.) with your side dish (baked potato) at the same time?

You got that one right. You can cook your steak and your baked potato on the same kitchen device at about the same time, thanks to the innovation of grills. Gas grills, especially, allows for extensive cooking options. That’s why you need not to pop out the oven for your baked potatoes. You can cook it outdoors while you are grilling your mouthwatering steak. Here is an easy and simple baked potato recipe:


* Potatoes
* Oil
* Salt and pepper to taste (you may add in a few herbs and spices according to your preference)

How to:

1. Wash the potatoes well. Make sure the skin is free of any trace of dirt.

2. After washing, pat dry your potatoes with a clean piece of cloth.

3. Season your potatoes with salt, pepper, herbs, spices, and other seasonings. Make sure that they are seasoned well but still creates enough room for the sauce.

4. Cut aluminum foils. The size must be enough to cover each of your potatoes.

5. Brush the aluminum foils with oil. After that, you may put in the seasoned potato and wrap it well.

6. Preheat the grill, place the potatoes on the grill rack, then put the lid on. Since you are using gas grill on this, you got an option to cook similarly top a convection oven. Turn off some of the burners and place the potatoes on the parts of the grill rack where there is no direct flame. The heat that will cook your baked potato will come from the other burners. The fact that the lid is on also means that you are able to maximize the use of the heat generating inside the grill.

Cooking baked potato is now made easy with the gas grill. The cooking options that this amazing kitchen device provides are useful to make what used to be impossible, possible. This is pretty helpful, especially when you are having outdoor picnics. You do not need to bring the oven along to enjoy baked potatoes along with your steaks and pork chops because the very reliable and dependable gas grill will do.