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BBQ Dragon is the world’s top provider of barbecue information – recipes, new products, how-to’s, great videos, competitions and events. Created and managed by two brothers from Ohio who live and breathe barbecuing, the BBQ Dragon family of sites brings all aspects of grilling, smoking, and barbecuing right to your desktop. We bring you the best, time-tested recipes available, we teach every aspect of barbecue cooking, from a grilled banana to a pig roast, we keep BBQ professionals up to date on up-coming competions, and no other barbecue website has anywhere close to our coverage of new barbecue products, with full user reviews, pictures, and no-nonsense critiques.
We guarantee that your barbecue life will be richer and tastier by sharing with us the BBQ Dragon world of barbecue cooking. We cook steaks, we cook ‘gator, we cook birds, we cook fishes, we cook veggies, we cook burgers and buffalo and venison and snake and brisket and – the list never ends. We even offer a barbecue Diet!
Here’s how we roll: Bruce is currently nursing a fairly severe case of frostbite on his toes from walking back and forth through the snow to his smoker. His kids each have little charcoal hibachis that they grill burgers on at kindergarten while the other kids are eating milk and crackers. George just set the world’s record for eating grilled clams, he cured near-terminal stomach flu by eating nothing but steak and Sierra Nevada, and his kid’s first solid food was a grass-fed Ribeye.
No one cares more about providing you a quality barbecue experience than BBQ Dragon, and we hope that our love and hard work will help bring the world’s oldest culinary technique to more hungry families. We love grilled and smoked meat! Please check out all our sites!